Are Employment Agencies Helpful? employment agency

Employment agencies are organizations that match job seekers with employers. They can be both public and private. The public agencies are usually funded by some level of the government, while private employment agencies are owned by individuals or corporations.

Formation of public employment agencies dates as far back as 1650, when an “Office of Addresses and Encounters” that would link employers to workers was proposed by British Parliamentarian, Henry Robinson. He actually went on to form his own company when his proposal was rejected.

In 1902 after the establishment of Labour Act, the government oversaw the formation of the first agency in London. The program was then expanded across the nation, with the Labour Exchanges Act, enacted by the Liberals in 1909. Public agencies now exist in all developed countries to assist people in finding employment.

Employment agencies can be temporary as well as permanent. The nomenclature can be semantic, and can lead to be misleading. The agencies themselves may not be temporary, but the jobs that they provide may be temporary, where employers need workers for short term work, such as in contract employment for secretarial, bookkeeping or accounting work, or even in technical areas such as Information Technology. This is also common in many short-lived projects.

Agencies may also focus in specific areas, and provide specific services. The decision to use an employment agency in your job search is a wise one, but with the variety that exists, it is even more important to choose the right one. Important questions are should you use a public or a private agency, or should you pay for assistance in your job search. The answers depend on the type and level of service that you need.

If you are using all free or unpaid services, it may be to your advantage, to have as many agencies as possible working for you, but the process should be carefully handled to avoid conflicts. There appears to be mutual benefits to all involved in the agency area.

Employers constantly complain of the difficulties involved in finding suitable employee. Depending on the level of employment, the process can be exhaustive and at times expensive, especially for companies that may be strapped for cash. Job-seekers, may also realize that finding a job, can even be a full-time job that does not yet offer any reward, until your are employed. The employment agency is intermediary that can bring both together, to alleviate much of the pain involved in the search process.

If your business does not have a human resources department, as is the case with smaller businesses, the job of effectively filling a vacant position, can be handled by the agency. It is estimated that filling a vacant position can take up to 45 days, and cost up to 25% of the salary of the position. So paying for the assistance can be seen as money well-spent.

Are Employment Agencies Helpful?